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Essay Writing for Psychology Students

Psychology students need a different or specialised set of principles in writing essays that fit their study field. Writing in the field of psychology requires students to combine the elements in organising expository writing. You will need a foundation knowledge on the general academic guidelines in formulating a thesis, the provision of a motive for the thesis, the support of the thesis by evidence which are convincing and the anticipation of objections from readers.

In writing for psychology, you will need the principles in writing essays specifically those which are basic in scholarly writing. The foundation you will need in building a more specialiased psychological writing include critical thinking and writing skills and the ability to develop and defend your argument.

Generally, writing in any specialised field, psychology for example, differs in many ways from the writing style of the general academic genre. Writing in psychology is scientific reporting in form. Most faculties of psychology in universities and colleges usually base their style to the American Psychologyical Association publication style which is the standard for scientific writing as widely recognised. The APA style is preferred because it embodies the principles in writing essays which are clarity, concise wording and accuracy. It also facilities the flow of information in a rapid and logical flow from the author to the readers.

What is valued by the type of scientific writing is the more straightforward, objective and less reflective prose that most students have already been used to. You might have a first impression of the APA style as one that is dry, colorless and that it stifles your creativity. After some use, you will however realise that the APA style guidelines are very helpful because you will be able to write in a clearer, more informative and more interesting way.

You must acquaint yourself with the basic principles of psychological writing. Develop the writing habit which enable you to avoid the mistakes of beginners in the field of psychology essay writing. You must imbibe the importance of being a discerning reader of other psychologists and a critical reader at that.

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