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Guide in Writing Classic Essays in Health

Markers of classic essays in health look for three things above the rest. These are factual knowledge of the subject, a good understanding of these facts and your ability in developing a case which is coherent and well argued which is based on the understanding.

One trick you should beware when writing classic essays is confusing the question that you are asked with the question that you want to answer. You cannot even try to divert the topic from the question being asked to the question you want to answer because it will mean that you will receive a low or failing mark. Further, you cannot expect to be given points for putting in all that you know but is not asked of you. include only the points which are relevant to the question asked and those which can contribute in developing your argument. Further, be careful because the question may involve two parts or more. See to it that you completely answer all the questions involved.

Always have in mind the question asked in when writing the essays. Make sure that each of the paragraph you write is relevant to the question. Clarify to the readers how they do. You can do this explicitly or through the means of a structure that is logical. So that you can develop a proposition which is well structured and well argued, prepare an outline to start with. Write in a clear, concise and simple language. Be careful on how the organisation of your answer. It is always safe to follow the classic structure of introduction-argument-conclusion. Remember that the first and last parts should be able to assist the readers in knowing what you are saying in the middle portion.

Attaching your argument to supporting primary evidance which are sufficient and relevant is important. When using quotations, you should keep in mind that they do not speak for themselves. You should explain them. Make comments on how they are significant and they have qualified as evidence in the specific point you are raising and corresponding implications.

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