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Health Essay on Competency for Competency’s Sake

Writing an essay is not a piece of cake. It involves a wide array of skills – from research to analysis. It reinforces the resourceful trait the students have. In fact, the more comfortable a student is of using his creative gut, the higher the advantage he has over any coursework.

But what if you get to add another task in the picture? Instead of responding to a prompt, or instructions, what if students are required to come up with their own topics?

Certainly, that would generate a breath of relief among various students. Being able to choose your own topic, specifically, your health essay topic means control. If you want to work on an easier topic, you evidently, have the freedom to do so.

However, an easy topic is not necessarily a good source for outstanding marks. Those easy sorts are more likely to yield passing marks. This does not necessarily mean that you can abandon your ‘easy’ topic. Rather, make it difficult by infusing conflict.

Ah, yes, conflict…

To illustrate the point, take this as your example:

Your devised topic is: “The nurse’s role.” It’s easy because the dynamic role played by this figure is obvious.

To make it a bit more difficult (or less easy) and befitting of a college or university health essay topic, you will have to insert conflict. In this case, conflict gets started by targeting this facet of the nurse – competency.

Your topic will become: “Does Your Nurse Know What She or He is Doing?”

Since the challenge in your topic has been established, then you can decide for the rest of the piece. For instance, you might have to present some concrete and interesting points surrounding this topic:

  • Nurse’s role in the Health Care System. The system, which is regularly reviewed and upgraded, require for nurses to stay in the frontline. And while they carry the systems’ regulations; they also bring about invaluable feedback to improve the system, as well as, their performance.

  • Competency through a combination of experience and academic studies. Apart from the system, more entities have to be set on place to facilitate the effective honing of the nurse. There are the traditional med school and the certified training institutions.

A health essay topic that contains the right kind of challenge is healthy for students. Such topics should reign as top choices, over mediocre and less appetising ones.


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