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Important Concerns in Academic Essay Writing

The common way of taking on the task of academic essay writing is to follow a procedure or a series of steps. However, there is another and much better approach on how to perform this task. You can focus on the important concerns which need to be addressed when doing this type of written work. You can use this method of performing your academic writing task, specifically your health essay, to help you.

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As like any other kind of writing or any task for that matter, approach is very important. you need to have an approach on how you will attack the task itself and an approach on how you will specifically go about the writing. Having a suitable attitude towards a task is necessary. This is especially so in the exigent chore of writing the health essay in your academic studies.

Relevance and Coherence

After having the right kind of attitude and method of approaching your health essay writing task, you need to focus on coming up with a relevant and coherent written output. Everything starts with a relevant topic and a coherent group of research materials. Research for relevant topics and identify ones which have the most number of information while being relevant at the same time.

Use of Sources

Now that you have a relevant topic having a coherent set of sources of information, you need to use them properly. You must use a referencing style and do so correctly and completely. You have to take down notes when you research so that you will have a reference when you write your work. At the same time, you will also be able to use the required referencing in your final output. You need to cite the sources of your information and ideas in your essay.


With the right kind of information and ideas from the right kind of sources, you can now give your work a presentation which will communicate your ideas effectively and artistically. Expressing your thoughts comes first then doing so in an articulate manner comes next. Both are important. Go back to how you originally planned to approach your writing and your specific topic. Use it in guiding you on how you will present your written work. You can also use an essay sample for more help.


Taking the important concerns in academic essay writing and substituting them to the steps in this task is an alternative method which can take away the monotony. It is also an effective way of going about this academic task. Instead of going the recurring route of research, planning and writing, you can take the dynamic direction of approach, relevance and coherence, use of sources and presentation.

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