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Psychology students need a different or specialised set of principles in writing essays that fit their study field. Writing in the field of psychology requires students to combine the elements in organising expository writing. You will need a foundation knowledge on the general academic guidelines in formulating a thesis, the provision of a motive for the thesis, the support of the thesis by evidence which are convincing and the anticipation of objections from readers.

In writing for psychology, you will need the principles in writing essays specifically those which are basic in scholarly writing. The foundation you will need in building a more specialiased psychological writing include critical thinking and writing skills and the ability to develop and defend your argument.

December 3, 2012 at 12:41 am by admin

Markers of classic essays in health look for three things above the rest. These are factual knowledge of the subject, a good understanding of these facts and your ability in developing a case which is coherent and well argued which is based on the understanding.

One trick you should beware when writing classic essays is confusing the question that you are asked with the question that you want to answer. You cannot even try to divert the topic from the question being asked to the question you want to answer because it will mean that you will receive a low or failing mark. Further, you cannot expect to be given points for putting in all that you know but is not asked of you. include only the points which are relevant to the question asked and those which can contribute in developing your argument. Further, be careful because the question may involve two parts or more. See to it that you completely answer all the questions involved.

October 18, 2012 at 12:19 am by admin

Nursing students are expected to develop critical thinking and writing as core skills. You should manifest these in the nursing essays you write. Developing the critical way of thinking and writing is generally difficult. However, as a student nurse, the mentioned expectation is not the only aspect on which you will show your critical analysis and discussion skills. As part of the whole process, you will be asked to write a reaction paper about the topic of critical thinking and writing in nursing studies and discipline itself.

Nursing essays about critical thinking and writing in the studies and profession of being a nurse is a staple. You will have to write about the topic as part of being a student nurse. To write about the subject, you must explain how these two skills are important in the work of nursing. You can describe how it has helped you in your nursing studies and point out how you will need to apply your learnings in your nursing career in the future.

September 25, 2012 at 11:13 pm by admin

How to write a comparative essay can be done by comparing two or more things, ideas, views, events, people or any objects or entities. You can make a discussion which argues for or against one thing compared to another. In health essay writing, making comparisons is a common and recurring task.

First, analyse the question or topic carefully. See to it that you understand what you are asked to answer or asked to do in your writing. It is not merely understanding what is given, it is about reading between the lines and behind the lines. It is important in health essay writing that you are able to address a topic or problem using the possible implications. And these implications are yours to identify or determine; in other words, understand.

Next, put down to writing anything that comes into your mind. Do not worry about structure or flow. You are just starting your health essay writing and you have a long way to go. Refine your ideas in an order starting with the discussion portion first, the conclusion next and the introduction last. In writing the discussion portion, make sure to address the same aspects for the things you are comparing or contrasting.

September 23, 2012 at 10:35 pm by admin