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Showing Critical Thinking and Writing as a Nursing Student

Nursing students are expected to develop critical thinking and writing as core skills. You should manifest these in the nursing essays you write. Developing the critical way of thinking and writing is generally difficult. However, as a student nurse, the mentioned expectation is not the only aspect on which you will show your critical analysis and discussion skills. As part of the whole process, you will be asked to write a reaction paper about the topic of critical thinking and writing in nursing studies and discipline itself.

Nursing essays about critical thinking and writing in the studies and profession of being a nurse is a staple. You will have to write about the topic as part of being a student nurse. To write about the subject, you must explain how these two skills are important in the work of nursing. You can describe how it has helped you in your nursing studies and point out how you will need to apply your learnings in your nursing career in the future.

In writing nursing essays using critical thinking and writing and in writing ones about it as the topic, you can make use of its components. First, for applying these skills in any writing task, you can evaluate evidence, specifically in your nursing studies and presumed work. Critically analyse and write about it by describing what type of evidences you have gathered. Then, analyse and discuss how the evidence and practice fit. Further, you judge the evidence and evaluate it. Part of the evaluation is identifying problems you will or are encountering in the evaluation itself. Lastly, you also present your conclusion. In writing essays about these skills set as the topic, you can discuss how evidences are described or what are the types of evidences. Then, discuss how evidence and practice fit.

In both categories of essays, you will obviously need critical thinking and writing. It is important for nurses to have these core skills set. They are the skills being used by nurses in a very important activity of developing evidence-based practice guidelines.

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