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Steps in Writing a Comparative Essay

How to write a comparative essay can be done by comparing two or more things, ideas, views, events, people or any objects or entities. You can make a discussion which argues for or against one thing compared to another. In health essay writing, making comparisons is a common and recurring task.

First, analyse the question or topic carefully. See to it that you understand what you are asked to answer or asked to do in your writing. It is not merely understanding what is given, it is about reading between the lines and behind the lines. It is important in health essay writing that you are able to address a topic or problem using the possible implications. And these implications are yours to identify or determine; in other words, understand.

Next, put down to writing anything that comes into your mind. Do not worry about structure or flow. You are just starting your health essay writing and you have a long way to go. Refine your ideas in an order starting with the discussion portion first, the conclusion next and the introduction last. In writing the discussion portion, make sure to address the same aspects for the things you are comparing or contrasting.

Further, In writing the comparative essay, you are in a process of coming up with a conclusion by comparing two entities. It is a process. You will need to complete your discussion first so that you can have conclusion. The introduction is the last one you will write because it is a description of how you have compared the two objects which is the substance of your discussion paragraphs. Writing the introduction is done after you have written a conclusion because you need to present the thesis in your introduction and you need to make sure that it is supported by the findings you give in the conclusion. After writing, you need to review what you have written.

Writing a comparative essay requires a greater amount of care with analysing and understanding the question or topic because you are given the task of comparing two entities.

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