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Steps on How to Write a Science Essay

A science essay can be very difficult to write. This is because your task is to give an answer or write about a topic in an expanded form and at the same time show both your knowledge and what you understand about it. Writing essays is widely practiced in science because doing so shows your learning and academic achievement in the subject. Also, science is about explaining things and as a student in it, you have to do this activity yourself. You do not need to worry about doing so, you can use some guidelines to help you.

  • Understand – When writing a science essay, you can start by understanding the question or topic given to you or that which you have chosen. Then, research about it so that you will have alternative on what your final answer, statement, argument or proposition would be depending on the situation. You have to start with researching because this is how you will be able to develop your own opinion about the subject and your opinion should be based on principles which are already established.
  • Research – While you are researching, you should take down notes and observe whether you are developing one or more possible answers. While doing so, you have to make your research and note-taking organised so that you can also see possible structures for your arguments and your writing. After you have made the research, you should choose the best answer.
  • Write – After you have chosen the best answer from your research, construct your thesis. In other words, develop the argument for which you will present as your answer to the question or your stand on the topic. Make your thesis statement and make it your guide in writing your support for it. In writing our supporting discussion, pick up the notes you have made during your research and organise them. Your next step is to write the introduction based on the discussion your have written and the research notes from where you based it. To write your introduction, identify from your research notes some information which you think is the most interesting. Use it in making your introduction. To write the conclusion, you just need to summarise what you have written in the discussion.
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