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Health Essay on Competency for Competency’s Sake

Writing an essay is not a piece of cake. It involves a wide array of skills – from research to analysis. It reinforces the resourceful trait the students have. In fact, the more comfortable a student is of using his creative gut, the higher the advantage he has over any coursework. But what if you get to add another task in the picture? Instead of responding to a prompt, or instructions, what if students are required to come up with their own topics? Certainly, that would generate a breath of relief among various students. Being able to choose your own topic, specifically, your health essay topic means control. If you want to work on an easier topic, you evidently, have the freedom to do so. However, an easy topic is not necessarily a good source for outstanding marks. Those easy sorts are more likely to yield passing marks. This does not necessarily mean that you can abandon your ‘easy’ topic.


The Three Important Steps in Writing the Health Essay

Writing the health essay can be difficult. Many students, and often, find this school task hard to do. They do not realise that what makes it overwhelming is hurdling the block in the starting line. In short, they do not know what to do. It makes sense because how would a task be easy if the one who will do it does not know how to go about it. To be able to hurdle the health essay worry, you can use some essay writing tips. First of all, you need to know what to do. Essay writing in health studies can be summarised in three important steps that will help you break down this overwhelming task. These are planning, researching and writing. The start of breaking down the Herculean task which is writing the health essay, promptly and briefly make a plan. Yes, the first thing to do is plan. Do this step in the most prompt time and brief


Adding Variety to Paragraphs of a Health Essay

Paragraphs are basic structures that contain the bulk of the topic in the health essay. Each paragraph contains a single, well-explained topic that adds to the substance and purpose of the whole essay. The role of paragraph composition in health essays is to make the essay more readable and interesting. When you add the right substance to your paragraphs then your health essay will be more dynamic and insightful. Highly informative and helpful health essays are mainly because of good paragraph composition. It all depends on the volition of the writer on how he structures his paragraph in the essay. As for you, here are some writing tips to beautify your paragraphs in the health essay: Restatement Restatement calls for an idea to be emphasised by stating it again in the essay Example: Awareness campaigns on the dangers of cigarette smoking is not enough, what we need is to ban cigarette smoking. We must ban cigarette smoking. This sentence of


Constructing Relevant Ideas

Relevance is constructed through idea association. In health essay writing, association is important to construct and establish well-organised thoughts. The flow of thoughts in health essays must be continuous; this means that there should never be any idea gaps within your essay. Idea association is best generated when you can relate thoughts together. In this case, you can particularly approach your health essay by using the cause and effect principle. The cause and effect principle primarily establishes the causes then the effects of the ideas. Mainly, this principle always asks the “why-ness” of how the ideas are relevant to the health essay. As a writer, before presenting ideas in your health essay, you must generally ask why such a situation occurs. In writing health essays using the cause and effect principle, you must remain objective and impersonal in presenting your ideas in the health essay. Examine closely the following diagram: In the diagram, you can easily spot the angles of


Keep it Simple

Nothing beats simplicity when writing health essays. Simplicity is the primary factor for clarity and understandability of your health essay. However, it is not easy to create short, clear and simple sentences for the essay. Writers as we are, we may find it difficult to think of shorter sentences from the current sentence that we have made. In this situation, it must be necessary for writers to acquire good writing skills for essays by making their compositions simple. There are many obvious benefits of simple health essays. A few of them were already said previously. One of the best ways to exercise simplicity in writing health essay is to use the segregating writing style. Segregating means that you have to divide complicated ideas in the sentences. It is better to create several simple sentences in your health essay than create lesser sentences but with more words. Ironic as it may seem, short sentences give your health essay more appeal in


Writing for Good

Good writing for health essays demands good reasoning. Good reasoning involves smart thinking. Thinking is a mental process that represents your thoughts about the world. In order to excel in writing health essays, mere thinking is not enough. You need smart thinking in order to excel. As a writer, you must not settle for anything less. You must not write your health essay because you just want to finish it. If you want to get higher grades, then write your health essays better. Set higher personal standards in writing health essays. This is the only way to improve your writing skills at the same time. Here are some tips on how to enhance your idea generation for the health essay: Know how to explain and express your ideas Different ideas call for different ways of expressions. In health essays, you must know how to deliver your ideas well to your readers. Your expression must be consistent with what you want


Writing Good Assertions in Health Essays

Health essays need good assertions. If you want to present good arguments in your health essay, then you must assert it well. Assertion refers to the positive statements in health essays that present insubstantial proofs or evidences. Most of the times, assertions are made by the writer to persuade readers to join his side. Most assertions lack factual evidences in the health essay. When writing assertions for health essays, you must determine how to write it well; assertions must be qualified. If you know how to qualify your assertion then you will know how to simplify your essay structure. With a given statement, here are some ways of qualifying your assertions for the health essay: Example: Health issues are always prevalent to smokers. Never oversimplify In the example above, you can see that it is an oversimplification. Not all smokers have health issues. As applied in the health essay, you must clearly define or outline the kinds of smokers who


Students may advise on green lifestyle tips in a health essay

Do you want to explore new topics in your health essays as self-help about health care to your readers? You can write an essay on health that discusses maintaining healthy lifestyle. This is a broad topic, nonetheless, but you can see that everything is interconnected in a health care essay. Topic selection For instance, when you discuss weight loss methods and other related programmes, you may compare the benefits and disadvantages of having regular workouts at the gym, and asking pertinent questions like: “will those green exercise programs give me the desired results?” You’ll soon discover that this topic alone can raise other questions that relate to weight loss and regulating your diet after a vegetarian food intake. Finding resource materials Be warned not to go overboard, though, in choosing an essay topic and be sure to choose health essay topics that fall under your area of study. Your best selection of topics can be readily found in textbooks, magazines,


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