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Why Many Students Cannot Write Quality Health Essays

University professors teaching health or related subjects have been assigning their students to write essays for two main reasons – to train them and to assess them. Students, on the other hand, are expected to write and submit quality health essays that are easy to read and understand. But it is sad to disclose that still many students could not write quality essays. Even if they are already in the university, these students still could not compose quality health essays. Why is that so?

Composing a quality health essay might sound easy, but in actuality, it could be hard to do, especially due to some very common reasons. One of these reasons is that some university students still do not know the value to following instructions. It may be hard for them to follow instructions as given by their professors as they may want to write their essays using their own rules and methods. As a result, their health essays do not conform to the quality expected by their professors. Instructions tell how a student should proceed in his essay writing task, providing him with a set of directions that basically outline what he should and what he should not do. If a student does not know how to follow instructions, then he would be able to compose quality health essays.

Many students still could not compose quality health essays also because they do not commence writing their pieces as soon as possible. Typically, they wait near the submission deadline before writing their health essays. Is that forbidden? Of course not! However, if a student starts to write his health essay near the submission deadline, he would thread one of the three different paths. The first path is that the student would not be able to beat the submission deadline. The second path is that the student would sacrifice quality of his composition just to beat the deadline. The third path is that student would be able to submit a quality essay right on time. However, getting to the third path is highly unlikely if a student starts writing his essay near the submission deadline.

On the other hand, many students still could not compose quality health essays simply because they do not edit and proofread their completed pieces. They are too confident that their essays do not have any inaccuracy, incoherence and inconsistencies. They are also too confident that their essays contain no writing errors. Worst, they are just too lazy to proofread and edit their health essays.

If you do not want to be like those students, then do not emulate their actions and attitude towards essay writing. Writing a quality health essay should not be taken for granted.

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