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Why Should a Nursing Student Write Essays?

“Why do I have to write essays when I am taking a nursing course?

This question perhaps has crossed your mind dozens of times already. Every time you receive an assignment to write an essay – whether for your nursing subject or for other academic units – you perhaps have thought that writing an essay would be totally irrelevant and would not be of any use to your chosen field. You perhaps have also though that essay writing would not give you any advantage by the time you have already started your nursing career.

Essays are not exclusive to the academic world. Essays are also written by non-academe people, especially professional writers who earn a living from writing as well as those how writes for their passion and hobbies. In short, essay writing is a task open to anyone. In fact, you can read essays not only on textbooks, but also on magazines, newspapers, Web sites and blogs.

The success of an essay usually does not depend on the number of readers who have read it. Its success typically depends on whether it was able to convey the intended information or message to the target. Thus, essay writing is not about aimlessly writing on a certain topic; it is about getting the message across in a very effective manner.

When you are made to write academic essays, you are trained how tackle a certain topic or subject by employing systematic treatment of information to complement and supplement existing knowledge and ideas that you already have in your mind. This means that through essay writing, you are being trained not to overly rely on your own assumptions and thinking but also to observe and obtain relevant and pertinent from other sources, particularly those credible and trustworthy ones.

When you are already a nurse by profession, you would find out that similar situations do occur during nursing care. While you have to rely on your observational skills to make the right decision, that is not all into it. You also have to systematically treat available information to be able to response to medical needs related to nursing. You have to rely on charts and records to be able to ensure that whatever actions you take would be beneficial to the patient under your care.

The essay is considered as a basic type of academic composition, it being a short non-fiction piece of writing. In the latter stages of your nursing studies, you would have to deal larger academic projects like research papers, lab reports, theses or dissertations. Essay writing allows you to build the necessary writing and research skills as well as hone pertinent academic attitudes that will enable you to take on larger, more complicated and more complex nursing compositions. A student who is taking essay writing for granted will surely regret doing so when he or she starts taking on larger academic projects that would account for a large part of his or her grades. He or she would deeply regret not building on the writing and research basics that are usually developed and honed during essay writing.

Essay writing also allows you to develop certain attitudes that could greatly help when you formally start your career. For instance, you would learn how to work without much supervision as well as learn how to be optimistic whatever the situation is. Likewise, you would also learn how to treat work seriously while finding time to relax and take some breaks every now and then. Also, essay writing could teach you how to become more organised, especially when obtaining, handling and dissemination very important information. Essay writing would also teach you how to be decisive without compromising work quality and disregarding given instructions.

Now, you know why you have been receiving assignments to write essays even though you are taking a nursing course.

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